Thorough Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

No matter how big or small the job, our crew offers thorough tree removal and stump grinding to completely haul away the tree. Don’t allow a rotting or lightning-struck tree to put your property at risk. United Tree Service in West Point, Virginia, is experienced in safely removing trees before and after they fall.

Whether your tree is dying or it has grown to close to a power line or building, our crew removes the tree without putting your home or business at risk. We even climb to the top and remove the tree section by section if necessary. We can either haul the tree away in pieces with our pocket truck to be safely disposed of, or you can take care of the debris yourself.

Tree Stump

Ensure no remainder of the tree is left behind with our below-ground-level stump grinding. We use the best equipment to ensure a nice, level area is left behind, perfect for landscaping. You can choose between keeping the stump debris to use as mulch or allowing us to haul it away. When we are done, no one would guess a tree was ever there.

Storm Damage
A big storm leaves large branches strewn all over your lawn and sometimes even uproots trees entirely. Our crew is experienced at cleaning up all types of storm damage and does not leave until the cleanup is absolutely complete. When necessary, we travel beyond our local area to help you recover after a massive storm.

Contact us for complete tree removal, including stump grinding, for trees of all sizes.

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