Comprehensive Tree Care & Removal Service Based in West Point, VA

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Whether your tree is rotting or has grown too
close to a power line, we remove it
quickly and safely.

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Ensure your property’s trees enjoy a long and healthy life with regular trimming,
pruning, and shaping.

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Our firewood crackles beautifully in your fireplace and produces a clean and
pleasant-smelling smoke.

Learn about United Tree Service

United Tree Service is a licensed and insured tree care and removal service company based in West Point, Virginia. With more than 40 years of experience, we are able to completely remove a tree in just a couple of days, no matter how large it is or how strange its growth pattern is. Previous customers have expressed their complete satisfaction with the speed and quality of our team’s work, and even commented that we are fun to watch.

We send out a full team for every project to ensure high-quality service we can take pride in. On average, we have three team members on-site working for you. We come out and assess your property to give you an accurate estimate absolutely free. Our prices are the lowest in the area, and we accept all major credit cards.

Contact our tree care and removal service located in West Point, Virginia, to make your property safer and more beautiful.

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